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About this study

Asthma is a common and potentially serious chronic health condition in inner-city adolescents that can cause them and their family an array of discomfort and inconvenience not only physically but also emotionally, socially and financially. Teens’ responsible engagement in asthma self-management, however, can reduce the burdens and improve overall quality of life. So, to help teens manage their asthma better, we are offering the opportunity for teens to learn about their asthma and the effective ways to manage the disease through a self-management training program that specifically targets adolescents.


In this research study, we will be comparing two self-management training programs. One program is led by peer-leaders and the other is by healthcare professionals, while the training content to be delivered is identical. These training programs will be offered in a day-camp setting located in the Buffalo city. We believe this project will provide teens with important information and skills to manage their asthma effectively so that they can enjoy their teen life despite asthma.


Buffalo is one of three cities in the country to receive the programs. Two other cities include Baltimore Maryland, and Memphis Tennessee. These cities are known for particularly high rates of pediatric asthma and asthma-related illness.


Participating teens will do the following:

  1. (1) Attending a one-day camp where training will take place.
  2. (2) Receiving bi-monthly (every other month) contacts from either peer leaders or research staff after the camp for 15 months.
  3. (3) Completing follow-up data online every three months for 15 months after the camp.


If a teen is participating as a peer leader, he or she will complete peer leader training sessions before the camp.


Principal Investigator

Hyekyun Rhee, PhD, RN, PNP -- University of Rochester Medical Center, School of Nursing

Laurene M. Tumiel-Berhalter, PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo, UB Family Medicine

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